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CASIU is inviting you to purchase Logo Links advertisements with word description below that will be placed within the members’ section of our website. Your Logo Link and max 50 word description will be published for 1 calendar year.

Requirements: All advertisements will be posted and invoiced once approved.
Format of Logo Link/Advertisement:  A quality JPG of your logo with the website address that you wish to link to, such as, a particular sales special, event or your website.

Active Member Advertising Cost:  $225 CAD per year
Non-Member Advertising Cost: $500 CAD per year


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CASIU members utilize this organization to achieve greater awareness and the tools to help fight insurance fraud.

CASIU members believe in and act according to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

CASIU members believe first and foremost that we need to fight together against insurance fraud both in property and accident benefit fraud.

CASIU members work together with Special Investigation Units (SIU) of Insurance Companies, Police, highly specialized trades such as Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Cause and Origin Specialists, Engineers, the Insurance Bureau of Canada and many more.

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