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Code of Ethics

Interpretation and Definition

  • No part of this document shall supersede the Insurance Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.I.8, as amended, or its regulations or any other legislation relevant to the insurance industry.
  • For the purposes of this document, a “Member” is:
    1. An individual who is a regular, associate, public sector or life member, or
    2. A corporate member as defined in By-Law No.1 dated October 21, 2004.
  • The Canadian Association of Special Investigation Units (CASIU) is the recognized industry association of insurance investigators and business professionals who dedicate their working careers to detecting, investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud and who provide greater awareness of insurance fraud through education and training.
  • CASIU’s Code of Privacy is a component of this Code of Ethics.

Objectives of the Code of Ethics

The objectives of the Code of Ethics are:

  • To ensure a high standard of investigative services are provided to the public by the Members of CASIU;
  • To maintain courteous and professional conduct among Members of CASIU;
  • To enhance the relationship of CASIU Members with regulatory bodies, lawenforcement,clients,thepublic,andnon-members.

Reputation of the Profession

  • Members will regard themselves as a member of an important and respectable profession.
  • Members will ensure that their reputation, that of fellow Members, CASIU, and the investigative profession is maintained at all times.

Standards of Conduct and Compliance with the Code of Ethics

  • Standard of Care: Members shall at all times adhere to this Code of Ethics and Code of Privacy. Members will ensure that all employees, subcontractors, and other persons paid to assist in an investigation are advised of this Code of Ethics and CASIU’s Code of Privacy.
  • Integrity: Members shall at all times conduct investigations with integrity and in accordance with the law.
  • Confidentiality of Information: Members shall maintain the confidentiality of all information received as part of an investigation.
    1. Each Member will respect the privacy of clients and their right toconfidentiality.
    2. Each Member will conduct investigations in a manner consistent with the Code of Privacy.
    3. Each Member will ensure adequate security for personal informationcollected in the course of an investigation, and will take all reasonablesteps to protect against inadvertent or negligent disclosure.
    4. No Member shall use information obtained in an investigation for personal gain.
  • Fees or Remuneration: Members shall pay their membership fees in full when due. Failure to renew membership may result in the removal of the Member from the Association.
  • Representations: No Member will at any time make false or misleading claims relating to academic or professional qualifications.

Relations With Fellow Members

  • Members will work together towards the achievement of the objectives of CASIU.
  • Members are encouraged to co-operate with fellow Members when an investigation may warrant such activity.

Conduct of a Professional Practice

  • Disclosure of Conflicts: Members shall disclose, at the first opportunity, any influence, interest or relationship pertaining to an investigative engagement which may impair the Member’s professional judgment or objectivity.
  • Unqualified Opinions: Members shallnot provide opinions for whichtheyarenotprofessionally qualified togive.
  • Reports: Members shall be forthcoming, truthful, and professional in disclosing investigativefindings.Reportstoclients shall be complete, objective and unbiased. Reports should not provide opinions without a factual foundation.

The Ethics Committee

  • Jurisdiction: The Ethics Committee may investigate ethical violations and accusations made by or against members of CASIU. The Ethics Committee shall report its findings to the Board for action in accordance with Section 1.10 of CASIU’s By-Law No.1 passed October 21,2004.
  • Composition of the Ethics Committee
    1. Membership on the Ethics Committee will be rotated annually. No Member shall serve for more than two consecutive years.
    2. The Committee shall be selected at CASIU’s annual general membership meeting.
    3. Every Regular and Corporate Member shall be eligible to serve.


CASIU members work together with Special Investigation Units (SIU) of Insurance Companies, Police, highly specialized trades such as Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Cause and Origin Specialists, Engineers, the Insurance Bureau of Canada and many more.