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Presidents Message

Passing of the Torch

Hello everyone,  on December 10th  at the AGM, there was a changing of the guard.  Let me give my profound thanks to Ezio Grasso, on his leadership these past few years.  And the previous Board members for their help and  commitment to CASIU.

I have some ideas for the future of CASIU,  which over the next few weeks I will discuss with the new board and hopefully bring to your attention .

Lets all remember that CASIU is a non for profit organization that is comprised of volunteers.  We can always find room for a new helper !!

Allow me the opportunity to introduce your new board members and list of advisors.

Here’s to the start of a new successful decade.

Brian Smith, Desjardins General Insurance Group
Tel: 905-306-5252 | Email:

Vice President
Sue Collings, Wawanesa Insurance
Tel: (416) 847-4023 | Email:

Michael Damm, RSA
Tel: 905-412-1119 | Email:

Lindsay Hubbard, TD Insurance
Tel: (647) 236-0483 | Email:

Director At Large
Paul Aquino, 30 Forensic Engineering
Tel: (416) 368-1700 | Email:

Director At Large
Darryl Taillefer, The Cooperators
Tel: (905) 434-4036 | Email:

Director At Large
Jeannie Catania, TD Insurance
Tel: (905) 315-3449 | Email:

Director At Large
Betty Ng, TD Insurance
Tel: (416) 753-1952 | Email:

Director – Chair of the Seminar Committee
Debbra Macdonald, C3 Investigations Inc.
Tel: 416-671-2706 | Email:

Director – Chair of the Vendors Committee
Brian Sartorelli, Investigative Risk Management Inc.
Tel: 1-855-384-4764 | Email:

Director – Special Events/Publications
Russ Dow, RFD Consultants
Tel: 416-460-3558 | Email:

Advisor – Police Liaison
William Loucks, York Regional Police
Tel: (905) 830-0303 | Email:

Advisor – CRC Liaison
Natasha Noseworthy, Accident Support Services International Ltd
Tel: (416) 745-3301 | Email:

Advisor – Legal
John Desjardins, Regan Desjardins LLP
Tel: (416) 601-1000 | Email:

Past President
Ezio Grasso, CAA Insurance Company
Tel: 905-771-3096 | Email:

Using UAVs and Pix4D in Collision Investigation

> Download REGISTRATION Form

February 24th – 28th, 2020

Greater Toronto Area
York Regional Police Training Facility
East Gwillimbury, Ontario

Topics Include:

  • General regulations and requirements
  • Overview of most current commercially available UAVs
  • Flying scenes using the Pix4D capture application and manually flying scenes
  • Understanding the differences/advantages and disadvantages of; Grid, Double Grid, Polygon, Circle, and Free Flight missions in the Pix4D Capture Application
  • Using the Pix4D program to create point clouds and orthomosaic images
  • Understanding the types of photographs to produce an accurate point cloud
  • Combining multiple projects
  • Creating and using manual tie points.
  • Exporting point clouds in usable formats
  • Creating diagrams using the polyline tool, exported as a 3D DXF file
  • Incorporating Total Station Data into the Pix4D Point Cloud

Course Cost: $750 (U.S.)

Attendees are not required to Bring a UAV but are Encouraged to Attendees are Required to Have a Computer Capable of Running the Latest version of Pix4D

Computer System Requirements

  • 64 bit version of Windows 8 or newer
  • Quad or Hexa-Core Intel I7 CPU
  • GeForce GPU compatible with OpenGL 3.2 and 2 GB of Video Memory Minimum
  • Minimum of 8 GB of system Memory
  • Minimum of 30 GB of Free Hard Drive Space
  • External Mouse or Trackball

(Pix4D has worked successfully, though very slowly, on both an I5 and I3 Intel Processor)

For Course Registration Contact:

Greg Russell

> Download REGISTRATION Form

CASIU members work together with Special Investigation Units (SIU) of Insurance Companies, Police, highly specialized trades such as Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Cause and Origin Specialists, Engineers, the Insurance Bureau of Canada and many more.