CASIU Call for Presentations 2019

CASIU Call for Presentations 2019

CASIU invites you to share your expertise and experience with the attendees of the 2019 Conference to be held in Toronto. Please use this form along with any necessary attachments to have your presentation considered.

Session Overview:
2019 CASIU Conference
Bank Of Montreal, Institute for Learning
3550 Pharmacy Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M1W 3Z3

Tuesday September 17, 2019, 8:00 am-3:30 pm,
General Session (approximately 150-300 attendees)

Submission Example:

Session Title: Emerging Industry Issues & Trends
Session Description: Hear from industry what they are anticipating in future years, what trends they are seeing that may impact Insurers, their strategies to stay ahead of the needs, emerging technologies, etc.

Session Details and Industry Submissions:

Representatives from companies who can share information related to industry trends, emerging technologies and/or strategic direction are invited to submit presentation topics for possible inclusion in an Industry Showcase at this year’s Annual Fraud Forum Conference. Ideally, presentations will cover a vast range of topics that impact both accident benefit, bodily injury and property adjusters. Possibilities include items such as trends in new technologies, changes insurance fraud trends, and fraud alerts.

Companies interested in participating in the session are asked to provide the information below. Please be as thorough as possible to give session planners a complete understanding of your proposed presentation.

Please note, this is not an opportunity to market your company, product, or service, and is offered only as a format to share information. Each Session will be approximately 60 minutes in total.