Human Biomechanics in Low-Speed Vehicle Collisions


Webinar Topic

This session will discuss how occupants move in response to low-severity collisions (rear-end, frontal, lateral and sideswipes). The session will feature data from current biomechanical studies and real-world collisions regarding occupant loading and the potential for injuries in such collisions. Methods for evaluating collision severity will be covered. We will review the types of injuries that may result from such exposures in comparison to injuries that are typically claimed. We will cover the types of questions to ask that would be helpful to a biomechanical assessment.

APRIL 2021
1 HOUR 12-1PM


The session will feature powerpoint slides, videos illustrating occupant motions, graphs and figures to illustrate injury potential and injury mechanisms.

By the end of the session, participants should:

  • understand how vehicle occupants move in response to crash events
  • understand what injuries are likely and unlikely to result from certain crash events
  • evaluate the severity of a crash event
  • understand how tissues are injured and common mechanisms of injury
  • know what questions to ask when evaluating injury potential
  • critically evaluate statements and injury evidence for what may/may not make sense
  • identify situations in which biomechanics and/or injury reconstruction may be helpful in resolving claims or disputes
  • have a general understanding of the science of biomechanics, its use and limitations in expert opinion evidence

Speaker: Dr. Erin Potma

Dr. Potma received her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University. She is a registered professional engineer with academic and research experience comprising multiple aspects of biomechanical and biomedical engineering. She has training in medicine and surgery, as well as an extensive publication record and collaborative research experience in the field of orthopedics. Dr. Potma is a certified collision reconstructionist and playground equipment inspector. Dr. Potma’s primary areas of consulting expertise include biomechanical injury assessment, collision reconstruction, and mechanical and medical device failure assessments.