Use Vehicle History Data to Drive More Informed Decisions


Webinar Topic
Using vehicle history information to make informed decisions.


Vehicle History reports

  • Information it provides
  • Specific data points and how they are used by the insurance industry

VIN Scan Summary

  • Overview of the product for claims triage

VIN Scan Monitoring

  • For special investigations and fraud 

CARFAX for Police

  • Real life examples of when vehicle history and monitoring products were used to solve crimes
JUNE 2021
1 HOUR 12-1PM


Carl Andersen, Retired Toronto Police Detective

CARFAX For Police
Strategic Acquisition Manager – Canada Carl worked for the Toronto Police department for over 38 years specializing in theft and fraud investigations both in Canada and internationally. Now with CARFAX for Police, he helps to train and educate police and other industry partners in how to use data to help in investigations.


Julia Trovato, Vertical Support Manager

With CARFAX Canada for almost 10 years. Previously as the Customer Service Manager and managing the internal data investigations team; Julia has helped our industry partners understand the data as well as provide investigative services. In this current role, Julia provides training, support, and helps to facilitate data investigations for our insurance, banking, and government partners as well as auctions and OEMs.

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