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Andrew J. Grayson, Partner, REGAN DESJARDINS LLP
Monday 16th November, 2015


Andrew received his Bachelor of Arts with distinction, in Honours History and Political Science, in 1997 from the University of Western Ontario–King’s College. Andrew graduated with an LLB, Magna Cum Laude from the University of Ottawa–Baccalaureate of Laws in 2000. Andrew started as an associate with the firm since his call to the Bar in 2002. Andrew became a partner in 2013. Andrew’s practice is primarily civil litigation, specializing in insurance defence litigation. His files include personal injury, property damage, subrogated claims, coverage issues and fraudulent claims. Andrew has attended on numerous motions, examinations for discovery, pre-trial conferences, mediation and examinations under oath. He has been co-counsel for jury trials. Andrew has attended at the Small Claims Court, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Divisional Court and The Ontario Court of Appeal. Since November 2014, Andrew has been the voluntary legal counsel for the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Special Investigation Units. Andrew has lectured in various areas of insurance law and in particular, the handling of special investigations including the use of examinations under oath.

Ben Kosic, President & CEO-CANATICS
Monday 16th November, 2015


Ben Kosic has more than 20 years of experience running large projects in management and information technology across a diverse range of sectors, including insurance, insurance fraud, IT, health and pensions. During this time, he has consistently delivered effective, real-world solutions for organizations, including in the areas of data analytics and business intelligence. His past roles include: Partner and Business Intelligence Practice Lead with KPMG Canada, and Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Chartwell IRM Inc. He is a results-oriented leader with a track record of driving growth and excellence in delivery. Prior to the launch of CANATICS’ operations, Mr. Kosic was awarded the “Privacy by Design (PbD) Ambassador” status, an international recognition signifying that CANATICS’ approach to privacy goes beyond compliance with Canadian privacy laws. By training, Mr. Kosic is a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

Bob Gutwein, C.F.E., VP, Sales & Operations. – Accident Support Services International Ltd.
Tuesday 1st April, 2014


Bob joined ASSI in Sept. 2000. ASSI Ltd. operates 27 successful Collision Reporting Centers at various locations in Ontario and Alberta and is under contract to over 50 police services in Canada. Bob previously spent 30 years in the insurance industry, and managed claims offices in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Hamilton before coming to Toronto. Highlights include leading the insurance investigation of the largest fraud/arson ring in Manitoba history and pioneering mediation as a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution in the insurance industry. Bob also planned, implemented and managed the Investigation Services Unit for a major insurer. Bob has been in the insurance industry serving in various insurance industry professional organizations including, Insurance Adjusters Assoc., ACFE, CASIU, and Canadian Insurance Claims Management Assoc., where he served as President of the Manitoba Chapter. Bob is a member of the IACP, SACOP, focusing on officer safety internationally.

Brandon Love
Friday 6th May, 2016


Brandon Love is a magician, speaker, and coach. He helps people un-stick their minds to become more creative and achieve the impossible. Combining his unique blend of awe-inspiring entertainment with experience-derived insights, Brandon creates an audience experience you won’t soon forget. He is a certified teacher, hypnotist, and author, having recently published his first book, a guide to becoming fearlessly creative. He also really loves potato chips. Learn more at www.brandonlovemagic.com

Detective Constable Wade Duxbury & Kevin Dority
Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

2019 Fraud Conference

TITLE: Auto Theft and Auto Finance Fraud 

TOPIC: Financial Crime Related to emerging trends involving vehicle fraud in relation to organized crime. 

BIO: Detective Constable Wade Duxbury 

D/C Duxbury joined York Regional Police in 2009 and served in uniform and investigative services. D/C Duxbury has completed secondments with the Auto Cargo Theft Unit and is currently assigned to the Financial Crimes Unit of the Organized Crime Bureau at York Regional Police. D/C is currently investigating numerous financial crimes involving the fraudulent purchase of vehicles throughout York Region and just completed work on project “BAIJIN”, a joint forces operation with Peel Regional Police and Halton Regional Police. 

BIO: Detective Constable Kevin Dority 

Kevin Dority is currently an investigator in the Major Fraud unit, which falls under the umbrella of Organized Crime, for the York Regional Police. Throughout his policing career Kevin has worked in a variety of different capacities, including; Uniform patrol and Criminal Investigations Bureau as well as stints in the Auto/Cargo unit, Guns and Gangs unit and the Hold Up unit. 

Kevin has provided lectures to Municipal law enforcement agencies as well as private industry on Organized fraud financing groups in Ontario. 

Outside of policing, Kevin is a class A licenced automotive technician as well as class A truck and coach technician. 

Detective Constable Warren Blumer – Toronto Police Service
Saturday 6th October, 2018


Detective Constable Warren Bulmer has been a member of the Toronto Police Service since 1990. Detective Constable Bulmer’s policing career has been predominantly spent within the field of criminal investigation including a total of 15 years assigned to Financial Crimes, Major Crime, Fugitive Squad and the Child Exploitation Section of the Sex Crimes Unit. Detective Constable Bulmer is an International instructor in the area of computer facilitated crime having lectured over 5000 Judges, Prosecutors and Police from 39 different countries to date. Detective Constable Bulmer has taught at the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand, the Canadian Police College, the Ontario Police College and the Toronto Police College. He has also testified in court as an expert in various capacities relating to digital evidence including most recently as an expert in Facebook. For over the past 8 years, Detective Constable Bulmer has specialized in the area in Social Networks and is called upon by Police all over Canada to teach how law enforcement can balance the right to investigate with the protections afforded to citizens under the Charter. Warren is a published writer of many articles and a contributing author to a book entitled “EVIDENCE AND INVESTIGATION: FROM THE CRIME SCENE TO THE COURTROOM.”

Dr. Duncan A. Scott, B.Sc., M.D., F.R.C.P.
Friday 22nd August, 2014


Dr. Duncan A. Scott graduated with his Honours degree in Life Sciences at Queen’s University and School of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Upon his graduation in Psychiatry, Dr. Scott become the owner and CEO of an 18 bed psychiatric hospital, the Institute of Psychotherapy for 12 years.  He is currently Deputy Chief of Psychiatry at Queen’s University in Kingston and holds two appointments, firstly as Medical Director/Bed Manager of the 34 in patient unit at Hotel Dieu Hospital    and secondly he is Acting Head of Psychiatry at Providence Care. He also is a staff psychiatrist for the Forensic Unit at         Providence Care, Mental Health Services, a psychiatric consultant with the Government of Ontario at Quinte Detention Centre and is under contract with the federal government at the Correctional Services of Canada, Canada Border Services Agency, Immigration Holding Centre in Bath, Ontario and Warkworth Institution. He has been working in the correctional system, provincial and/or federal since 1987 and served on both the Senior Health Advisory Board and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics (Ministry of Corrections of Public Safety and Security). He is also the psychiatric consultant for Empire Life Insurance Canada, is an Independent Expert Reviewer with the Ontario Ministry of Health, provides consultation to the Workers Compensation Board (non-economic loss) and contributes third party psychiatric assessments for a variety of corporate clients.

Dr. Michel Lacerte MDCM, M.Sc., FRCPC, CCRC, DESS
Friday 22nd August, 2014


Dr. Michel Lacerte is a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,  certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Lacerte graduated in Medicine from McGill University in Montréal in 1983 and pursued his PM&R specialty training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. He then completed a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Medicine from  the University of Washington in Seattle. He is currently an Associate Professor with the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of Western Ontario (UWO), Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry; and Associate Director of the Insurance Medicine and Medicolegal Expertise Diploma Program at the Université de Montréal. He currently serves on the Canadian Chapter Board of Directors of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals. He is the founder of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators. In 1990, he spearheaded the development of the Ontario Workers’ Compensation Board’s Non-Economic   Loss Evaluation Training Program and was responsible for the training of the Ontario WCB of physicians performing Non-Economic Loss (NEL) medical assessments. In 2012, he was part of the American consultation team to review the WSIB Permanent Impairment internal process. He is on the faculty of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.

Garry Robertson, CFE, National Director of Investigations – IBC
Friday 22nd August, 2014


A former police officer with the Peel Regional Police Service, Garry’s areas of expertise included advanced fraud and auto theft investigations. He was the officer in charge of the case management office during the Askov period and represented the police on the judicial committee.  He started as a special constable with the Ontario Provincial Police. After leaving the police force, Garry was a partner in a private investigation company which  focused on organized insurance and corporate fraud investigations. As National Director of investigations, Garry is responsible for the oversight of auto theft investigations across Canada, including vehicle recovery, vehicle identification and the Nations Ports. He also oversees the organized injury rings team and their major insurance crime files. Since joining IBC in 2002, he has been instrumental in developing and promoting new case management and link analysis programs to enable investigators to maintain case files and develop investigative briefs and intelligence. Garry holds a Certified Fraud Examiner designation (CFE) and is a member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators. He is the former co-chair of the Canadian Chiefs of Police Private Sector liaison committee and represents IBC on the North American Export Committee.

Gavin Phillips, Regional Manager – Xpera
Saturday 6th October, 2018


Gavin Philips is a regional manager at Xpera with oversight over research and field investigations throughout the Xpera Southwest Ontario division. During his 14 years with Xpera, Gavin has managed large-scale fraud, theft, subject location, and asset identification investigations for national, international, and multinational clients. He has developed investigative techniques and methodologies for open source intelligence gathering and analysis.

Gilbert Sharp – Partner – Fasken Martineau
Friday 22nd August, 2014


Gilbert Sharpe is a partner in the Health Law Group. Gilbert, the former long-time Director of the Legal Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, brings invaluable experience from a distinguished 30-year career in legal practice and advisory roles. His background in public policy, private sector involvement and college regulatory work is a great asset to Fasken Martineau’s national Health Law Group. Through his involvement with the Ministry of Health since 1975, and associated work with numerous ministries and agencies of the Ontario government as well as federal departments, Gilbert has been involved continuously with important legal issues and policy matters affecting health care, including the development of legislation and policies to improve the health care system. As well, he has been an advocate for educational forums to promote ongoing and effective exchange of information related to new initiatives. Since leaving the Ontario government, Gilbert has continued to work on numerous health law and policy matters for various clients, both in the private and public sectors. Gilbert holds several professorships (Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University; Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto) as well as other positions including President of the Canadian Institute of Law and Medicine and Editor-in-Chief of Health Law in Canada.

Gillian Slaughter, LL.B., MBA.
Friday 22nd August, 2014


In her role as Manager, Investigations & Resolutions at the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario, Gillian manages all aspects of complaints, reports and inquiries received by the College. She also manages all discipline and fitness to practise proceedings. Formerly a litigator in private practice, Gillian regularly appeared before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal, as well as before regulated health colleges on behalf of her clients.

Gordon Rasbach, Vice President of Fraud Management for Aviva Canada
Saturday 6th October, 2018


The Vice President of Fraud Management for Aviva Canada. Based in Toronto, he designed and implemented an integrated fraud management model and currently leads a team of 50 investigators who manage claim fraud, policy fraud, supplier fraud, broker fraud and corporate fraud across Canada. He is also currently responsible for the Property Claims business across Canada with 240 adjusters in all provinces. In December 2014, Gordon was appointed the Global Fraud Management Leader for Aviva’s property and casualty insurance businesses in France, U.K., Ireland, Italy, and Poland, a role he held until August 2016. In this role, his team designed a new global fraud management strategy and model, including a fraud data and technology strategy. He is often a fraud management and fraud technology strategy speaker at insurance fraud and analytics conferences in Europe and North America. Under Gordon’s leadership, Aviva Canada became the first Canadian insurer to conduct undercover sting operations against service suppliers to the insurance industry. From 2001 to 2012, Gordon held other executive business leadership roles across all Canadian claims business lines, including automobile injury and damage, commercial underwriting and led the transformation of Aviva Canada’s Personal Lines Underwriting business. In 2016 and 2017, Gordon headed Aviva Trial Lawyers, Aviva Canada’s internal law firm. Prior to joining the insurance industry, Gordon was a police officer in Toronto for 18 years. For 12 years, he was a criminal detective specialized in interviewing and investigative strategy, subjects which he taught part-time at key police colleges in Canada.

Hartley Ellis, RSE
Saturday 6th October, 2018


Hartley Ellis began his career at the Ontario College of Trades as a Compliance and Enforcement Officer in 2013. Mr. Ellis studied at Centennial College in Toronto, and obtained his Certificate of Qualification as an Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer in 2004. He has served as an instructor in Centennial’s Auto Body Repair Technician program since 2008. Mr. Ellis is a long-time supporter of Skills Canada and its annual skills competitions, having qualified to compete at the competition from 2002 to 2004, and having served as Co-Chair of the Auto Body Competition since 2011.

James Egner
Friday 22nd August, 2014


James Egner has worked in the Insurance Industry for a total of 25 years as a SIU Investigator, Field Information Analyst, Supervisor and Director. He is currently employed as a SIU Major Case Unit Medical Investigator at Farmers Insurance Group. He has conducted many insurance fraud training seminars nationwide including the upcoming IASIU Seminar in Greenboro, NC, where he will present a case study on medical provider investigations. He also holds a FCLS designation and is an Officer of NYS Chapter of IASIU and a Board Member the NY Anti Car Theft and Fraud Association.

Joel Alleyne – Executive Director – Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association
Friday 22nd August, 2014


Joel Alleyne is the Executive Director for the Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association. He has worked with this organization for the last fifteen years in a leadership and strategy role. Over the years, Joel has worked with the insurance and health care industries in Canada and the United States. Mr. Alleyne has also worked in Management Consulting in the health care and insurance industry for over thirty years across the America and Europe. He has worked across the continuum of care – from solo practitioner offices to acute and ambulatory care facilities, laboratories, hospitals, long term care facilities, several Ministries of Health, and health care/funding and management organizations. He is also faculty with University of Toronto.

John P. Desjardins
Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

2019 Fraud Conference

TITLE: Anatomy of Jewellery Insurance fraud

TOPIC: Learn about how instinct, diligence, experience and insight can guide private detection of hard to acquire facts sufficient to thwart a fraudulent insurance claim. Hear about real-life cases in jewellery, antiquities and cash-in-transit claims where good private detection has made the difference between an insurer paying out on a questionable claim, and that insurer successfully denying coverage or voiding the policy upon learning and proving the factual elements of the insured’s fraud obtained through private detection.

BIO: John P. Desjardins

John received his Bachelor of Arts in 1982 from the University of Toronto and Bachelor of Arts with Honours in 1983 from the University of Windsor. He received his Bachelor of Laws in 1986 from Queen’s University–Faculty of Law.

John was called to the Bar in 1988, becoming a partner in 1997. John has been a member of the Bar of Ohio since 1991. He specializes in the investigation, claims handling and subsequent litigation of fraudulent insurance claims. John has tried some 44 Superior Court cases and 240 Small Claims Court cases. In addition to trials, John has conducted approximately 3000 examinations under oath in relation to suspect insurance claims. He has also assisted in formation of the Special Investigations Units and the preparation of claims documents for various insurers. John has lectured in various areas of insurance law, including property claims, as well as the handling of special investigations.

Joseph E. Stephenson
Friday 6th May, 2016


Joe Stephenson is the Director of SIU for an international insurance provider specializing in classic vehicle theft & claim investigations. He has been in the insurance industry for 10 years, handling a variety of personal and commercial line claims from workers compensation to entertainment based claims. He is a licensed private investigator in California, a certified insurance fraud investigator (CIFI), the President of the New England Chapter of IASIU, and a board member of Northeast IAATI.

Prior to starting his insurance career, Joe retired as a police officer in the State of Maine and had operated his own accident reconstruction consulting business for several years. Joe lectures to various groups regarding the abundance of free information available online and the benefits of turning first to the Internet as a main source of research. If you would like to reach Joe, you are invited to connect with him via LinkedIn.

Joseph Eastwood
Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

2019 Fraud Conference

TITLE: Using Psychological Science to Improve Investigative Interviewing: Rapport, Memory, and Evidence Presentation. 

TOPIC: The ability to elicit accurate and detailed information from interviewees is a crucial aspect of an investigator’s skill set. Considering the importance of interviewing, it is vital that questioning practices be supported by the latest evidence from psychological science research. This presentation will cover the latest research surrounding three core topics related to effective interviewing – Rapport-Building, Memory Recall, and Presentation of Evidence. Throughout the session both the theoretical aspects of these topics and practical ways to implement them into real-world interviewing situations will be discussed. 

BIO: Joseph Eastwood 

Dr. Joseph is an Assistant Professor in the Forensic Psychology program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Social Psychology from Memorial University. His research centers around creating evidence-based investigative interviewing practices, with a focus on how to improve interviewee recall using memory-enhancing procedures. He has published many peer-reviewed articles in leading forensic psychology journals, presented extensively at both national and international conferences, and has received a number of grants to support his ongoing research. Joseph has also been proactive in ensuring that his interview research findings reach front-line investigators where they can have a practical, real-world impact. He has established an excellent working relationship with a number of police services in Canada and has worked to help them improve their interview training courses to ensure that they are evidence-based and follow best practices in the field – including being involved in the delivery of such programs. Joseph is a sought-after public speaker on a range of investigative interviewing topics, and regularly delivers engaging presentations to audiences that typically include a range of professionals from investigators, to lawyers and policy makers. 

Joseph Stephenson
Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

2019 Fraud Conference

TITLE: Discovering Mobile Data 

TOPIC: How many of you spend an entire day away from your phone? Do you panic when you can’t find it? It’s likely one of the top things you make sure you have before you leave the house, right? A mobile phone is a plethora of information, containing all kinds of data on where you’ve been, what you’ve purchased, and how you communicate (which isn’t always by standard text and phone calls). This presentation will show you how to find important data on a mobile devices, from location information to search histories to receipts. We will discuss how mobile applications work, review some of the most popular ones, learn how to locate profile information, and the limitations when using forensic downloads. We will also discuss privacy issues and why just looking at someone’s apps alone could redefine the questions you ask in an interview. 

BIO: Joseph Stephenson 

Joe Stephenson, CIFI, CSMIE, is the Director of Digital Intelligence Solutions for INTERTEL, Inc. and an internationally recognized expert in the field of Social Media and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). With over 30 years’ of investigative experience in both the private and public sectors, Joe spearheads the development of innovative products for fraud detection and analytics, particularly those that draw from Social Media, Deep Web, and IoT data. Joe is currently the 3rd VP for the Northeast Chapter of IAATI, and a former Board of Director for IASIU, and past President of the New England Chapter IASIU. He is a regular contributor to SIU Today and the AFA newsletter, where he discusses practical online techniques investigators can use in their day to day investigations. You are encouraged to connect with Joe via LinkedIn, and as always, never hesitate to reach out to him with questions you may have at jstephenson@intertelgo.com. 

Kelly Bramwell, Professor at Mohawk College
Friday 6th May, 2016


Kelly is presently a Professor, Police Foundation at Mohawk College. Previously she was a professor, Police Foundation at Sheridan College. Kelly was a Police Officer of 12 years with the Hamilton Police Service in the areas of Domestic Violence Investigator, Training Officer, Patrol, Detective Constable in the Drug Office, Undercover Officer, Retroactive DNA Warrant Writer and more. She has a BA McMaster University, BRLS hons. Brock University and MSc. Criminal Justice Administration. Her Master’s Thesis: Bullying, Psychological and Sexual Harassment in Policing.

Kerry G. Watkins, B.A. (Hons.), M.A., LL.M
Friday 6th May, 2016


Kerry G. Watkins has worked for the Toronto Police Service for the past 28 years. He has spent the majority of his career in specialized units where he has investigated a wide range of matters including police corruption, corporate fraud and homicide. He has served as a witness in numerous criminal trials, and has received awards for investigative excellence. Kerry currently works at the Toronto Police College where he specializes in investigative training; in particular, investigative interviewing, an area in which he has extensive experience and is a recognized subject matter expert. He is principal author of the widely used texts Interviewing and Investigation (2nd Ed.) (2011); and Evidence and Investigation: From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom (2013) published by Emond. Kerry has also written about interviewing issues in law enforcement magazines, and in legal and academic journals and books.

Kerry holds a Bachelors degree in psychology and criminology, and a Masters degree in criminology both from the University of Toronto; and a Master of Laws degree (Criminal law & procedure) from Osgoode Hall Law School. He frequently serves as a panelist in continuing education events for investigative and legal professionals, including: defence counsel, crown attorneys, judges, police of?cers, and government and private sector investigators. Kerry believes in the need to integrate the results of scienti?c research into investigative practice; and is a strong proponent of continuing education for investigative professionals. Kerry brings a unique combination of practical experience, and academic rigour to the teaching of investigative interviewing which ensures that students receive both theoretical and practical value from their training.

Kevin J. Ripa – Computer Evidence Recovery Inc.
Tuesday 1st April, 2014


Kevin is the owner of Computer Evidence Recovery Inc., in Calgary Alberta and Past President of Alberta Association of Private Investigators. He is also the Director of Computer Forensics for ASG Investigations headquartered in Detroit, MI. Mr. Ripa, is a former member, in various capacities, of the Department of National Defence serving in both foreign and domestic postings. He is now providing superior service to various levels of government,law enforcement, and Fortune 500 companies, and has assisted in sensitive investigations around the world. Mr. Ripa is a respected and sought after individual within the investigative industry throughout North America for his expertise in Information Technology Investigations, and has been called upon to testify as an expert witness on many occasions over the past 20 years. As well, he has been involved in numerous complex cyber-forensics investigations. Mr. Ripa is an EnCase Certified Examiner, and a Windows Advanced Certified Forensics Examiner, and serves on the boards of the Alberta Association of Private Investigators, The International Intelligence Network, and the Canadian Association of Private Investigators.

Mazen J. Habash
Monday 16th November, 2015


Mazen is president of Origin and Cause and specializes in fire investigation, electrical and electronic failures, produce liability and alarm system analysis. With over 28 years of experience in the industry, he has performed over 3,000 fire, product liability and alarm system investigations. Mazen is a licensed professional engineer and designated consulting engineer, and is qualified as an expert witness in civil and criminal courts in three provinces. He is also certified at two levels by the Canadian Alarm and Security Association as an alarm technician.

Megan Petrie – Assistant Crown Attorney
Friday 22nd August, 2014


Megan Petrie was called to the bar in 1999 and practised civil litigation until joining the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General in 2001.  As an Assistant Crown Attorney with the Scarborough Crown’s Office for the past 13 years, she has prosecuted all manner of crimes in one of Toronto’s busiest criminal jurisdictions. From 2008 until 2012, she and co-counsel Jackie Garrity had carriage of a large staged-collision prosecution dubbed “Project Greenlight”, that began as IBC Project 92. The case involved an organized crime ring committing fraud and conspiracy by staging car crashes for profit. What began as an investigation into a single case of a suspected staged collision mushroomed into an investigation charging twenty-nine accused with conspiracy to commit fraud among other offences in relation to twelve alleged staged car crashes.

Michael Jenkins, B.E.Sc., P.Eng
Monday 16th November, 2015


Michael is the President and founder of Impact Forensics Inc. and brings over 15 years of automotive safety engineering, crash testing, and development experience, including over 9 years of forensic engineering experience. Michael is a licensed Professional Engineer, a member of the Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists (CATAIR), and the Canadian Association of Special Investigation Units (CASIU). He has been qualified to give expert evidence in the field of Accident Reconstruction in the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice for both Civil and Criminal matters and before the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). He has also been qualified to give expert evidence in the fields of Black Box Technology and Automotive Mechanical Fitness in the Ontario Court of Justice.

Michael Skiba
Friday 22nd August, 2014


Michael Skiba has worked in the insurance fraud industry for 20 years; holding SIU investigator, analyst, and management positions. He is currently employed in the Special Investigations Unit at Interboro/AutoOne Insurance. He has been teaching for 10 years as a professor specializing in white collar and economic crimes. He is an international speaker and regular publisher on the topic of insurance fraud. He holds an MBA and a PhD with a concentration on insurance fraud. He is also the President of the NY Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigative Units.

Michelle Bradley, P.Eng., CFEI, CVFI – Origin and Cause Inc.,
Tuesday 1st April, 2014


Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Windsor and is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario. Her work experience includes Equipment Engineer for Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Austin, Texas, as well as Test/Manufacturing Engineer for Ford Motor Company in Windsor. Michelle has been with OCI for over 10 years conducting investigations involving mechanical engineering related failures such as vehicle fires (from cars to transport trucks), large and small equipment fires, appliance failures resulting in floods or fires, and mechanical assessments (e.g. safes from alleged B&E’s). She has been accepted as an expert witness in Civil Court in the Province of Ontario.

Nejolla Korris
Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

2019 Fraud Conference

TITLE: Words Never Lie but People Do – Detecting deception in everyday communications

TOPIC: Learn the techniques used by FBI profilers. Gathering truthful information is an integral part of any corporate environment. How important is it for us to learn the truth from our employees, managers, and clients? This overview presents how linguistic lie detection is used in business, audit, and investigative areas to help you become more effective in all your business communications. As a session participant, you’ll learn the basics of information gathering and how to interpret the information you receive. You’ll also learn how linguistic lie detection techniques can be applied to a variety of high-profile media cases to illustrate examples of deception including: 

  • How to determine if a person is speaking truthfully or untruthfully. 
  • How often deception is used in the workplace.
  • Specific linguistic triggers that indicate deception. 
  • What types of questions produce the most effective responses? 
  • How linguistic lie detection is used for human resources, audit, and investigative areas. 

BIO: Nejolla Korris 

Ms Korris is an international expert in the field of linguistic lie detection and social media risk. An internationally sought after speaker Nejolla is constantly in the air often referring to planes as her mode of public transportation. 

She is a popular speaker and trainer in lie detection, social media risk, ethics, fraud prevention and investigation, behavioural fraud, social engineering, and organizational justice. 

She has taught throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa. Her clients include corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, and the military. 

She is skilled in Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN), a technique that can determine whether a subject is truthful or deceptive. Korris has analyzed documents for fraud, international security, arson, sexual assault, homicide and missing persons’ cases, causing some of her clients to dub her the “Human Lie Detector.” 

Ms. Korris is a frequent presenter for The Institute of Internal Auditors, ISACA, the American Society for Industrial Security, the American Bar Associationl, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, various fraud prevention groups. In May 2012, Ms. Korris gave the keynote presentation at the 45th anniversary of the Department of Law at Carleton University, her alma mater. Her greatest thrill so far was presenting a members only webinar for the Institute of Internal Auditors where a reord breaking 6,300 people registered for the event. 

Nejolla has a BA in Law from Carleton University. She served as the Chair of the Edmonton Consular Corps and the Honorary Consul to the Republic of Lithuania. Ms. Korris was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 for her international work in linguisic lie detection. 

Raffi Engeian, B.A.Sc., M.B.A., P.Eng.
Monday 16th November, 2015


Raffi graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Business Administration. He began his career spending several years designing and developing seat lumbar supports for a variety of automobile manufacturers. Since 2007, Raffi has focused on motor vehicle collision reconstruction and fraud investigations. He received his Professional Engineer designation in 2009. He has been a forensic engineer in the Collision Reconstruction Group at Giffin Koerth since June of 2013. Raffi has investigated hundreds of collisions involving automobiles, cyclists, pedestrians, off-road and commercial vehicles, and motorcycles. He has also investigated vehicle damage with respect to alleged collision circumstances. Raffi is qualified as an expert witness in Accident Reconstruction in the Financial Services Commission of Ontario Arbitrations and in the Ontario Court of Justice.